Sidebar Tools

The aspern.mobil LAB uses different tools for different application areas. These range from analog tools to digital solutions and are designed, tested and further developed together with members of our research community.

Main topics are environmental sensing, mapping, tracking and tracing, design and planning games for qualitative and quantitative data collection in lab hours of innovative research and development projects. Mobility and the city, new technologies and media, open design and co-creation will be further developed and tested in the aspern.mobil LAB on site in the aspern Seestadt.

In parallel, students of the TU Vienna courses „Design Thinking and Project: Media and Human Centered Computing“ in the aspern.mobil LAB format „Uni in aspern Seestadt“, develop prototypes for and with mobility research in the Smart City Seestadt. The student projects provide tangible, interactive artifacts of collaborative knowledge production and pilot studies for further development into tools in aspern.mobil LAB project work.
Teaching Team „Mulitdisciplinary Design & User Research“: Prof. Dr. Hilda Tellioglu, Dipl.Ing. Gerfried Mikusch.