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auto.Bus – Seestadt Technology development for automated driving in public transport.

The aim of “auto.Bus – Seestadt” is to test two self-driving electric minibuses in aspern Seestadt in regular service. From autumn 2018, the minibus models “AUTONOM SHUTTLE” from the company “Navya” will be on the road, in which ten people can be seated next to an operator. Passengers will be transported on the bus from the spring of 2019.

Within the scope of the project, technological components (especially sensors) will be further developed and the effects of their integration into a real traffic system will be investigated. Among other things, this raises questions of traffic and IT security. The technical requirements for the bus are the correct recording of sensory information of the environment and the road traffic infrastructure. But the processing of more complex information, such as the behaviour of other road users, must also be anticipated correctly to enable safe and trustworthy interaction. Last but not least, a variety of legal questions have to be answered in order to create legal certainty for all parties involved. For this undertaking, Wiener Linien is leading the research project with the participation of AIT, Navya, KFV, TÜV Austria and Siemens. The auto.Bus – Seestadt project is funded within the framework of the BMK’s “Mobility of the Future” programme.


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