Why it is worth taking part in the aspern Seestadt mobility survey

What is a mobility survey, why do we need it and why should you take part?

One of aspern.mobil LAB’s major projects is our long-term study, the aspern Seestadt mobility survey. The survey allows us to draw conclusions about mobility behaviour / patterns in the neighbourhood.

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The smartphone-based records include (everyday) journeys made, including distance, duration, choice of transport, purpose of journey, etc. This makes it possible to answer questions such as “How do Seestadt residents get to the supermarket? When do the participants cycle, when do they drive? Which errands can take place within Seestadt?” The actual needs of the residents can be recorded at neighbourhood level. This is an important step, as smart measures can only be derived once the status quo is known. Participation in the survey therefore enables needs-based mobility planning in aspern Seestadt and benefits both the participants and their neighbours.

Taking a look behind the scenes

Are you interested in the scientific survey method? This brand-new article is the first to explain the experiences of activating participants: from generating attention and inviting participation to motivating them to take part.

The mobility survey is also registered as a project in the VCÖ database. In addition to the mobility survey, the database contains a large number of other exciting, forward-looking projects and plans that can serve as inspiration for your own initiatives in the mobility sector.

Do you live in aspern Seestadt and want to participate?

Then register for the mobility survey – you will receive a €20 voucher for your first participation and a €25 voucher for further participation in the following years. 

If you have any questions, please send us an e-mail or come to the aspern.mobil LAB during our opening hours!