Urban MoVe

Private-law contracts (e.g. mobility contracts, mobility funds, urban development contracts) as innovative planning and control instruments for urban and mobility planning

In the present research project, an interdisciplinary consortium investigates on the basis of best-practice analyses and implemented national practical examples (especially in the cities of Graz and Vienna) to what extent private-law contracts (e.g. mobility contracts, mobility funds, urban development contracts) are suitable as municipal planning and control instruments for mobility in residential locations. A holistic research approach and a multifaceted communication and networking concept (e.g. conferences, workshops, expert interviews) make it possible for the first time to show the perspectives of different planning actors (e.g. municipalities, investors/developers, mobility service providers, residential population), to learn from each other and to build up know-how with the aim of establishing contractually regulated control instruments in the medium and long term. In addition to the detailed scientific report on the results, a practice and application-oriented guideline will be developed, which will serve as an aid for urban and transport planners in the application of these instruments (e.g. mobility contracts and funds). A particular added value is provided by the new and further development of the instruments with regard to the focal points of mobility measures, actor and planning processes as well as legal aspects. In addition, the effects and successes of practical examples that have already been implemented will be researched.


Name: Mario Platzer
Email: mario.platzer@yverkehrsplanung.at
Tel: 0699 188 707 66

yverkehrsplanung GmbH


Involved institutions

  • TU Wien – Research Unit Land Policy and Land Management
  • TU Graz –Institute for Urban Planning
  • Institute for Urban Planning
  • Urban Innovation Vienna GmbH