Usability of public transport service areas for sustainable city logistics

The overall project goals in the RemiHub project are

  • the development of new inner-city logistics areas,
  • the shortening of the last mile in the logistics chain, and
  • the use of the resulting improved framework conditions for the realistic operation of a multimodal logistics chain.

In order to achieve this, a temporary shared use of suitable or unused public transport operational areas is being investigated in the context of sustainable city logistics. The main innovation of the project is the relocation of transshipment areas, which were previously located outside the city, to suitable, multimodally connected and shared locations in the city area, which at the same time minimise the distance to end customers. This change in the last mile is associated with the expectation of sustainably realising the use of non-motorised transport modes as well as autonomous and/or electrified vehicles in inner-city last mile logistics or even enabling a redistribution with (rail-based) means of public transport. In this way, RemiHub can contribute to the achievement of local, national and international transport, climate and health policy goals.


After a successful conclusion, here are three great news:

  • RemiHub wins the Innovation In Politics Award 2020 in the category “Quality Of Life”. This is the first time that an Austrian project has prevailed among the more than 400 entries worldwide.
  • RemiHub wins the international Stadtwerke- Zukunftspreis 2020 (Municipal Utilities Future Award 2020), which is awarded by the German Handelsblatt. The project prevailed among 30 other submissions. “The jury was convinced by the fact that mobility was rethought here,” says Stefan Sagmeister, E&M editor-in-chief.
  • Remi Hub will be presented at the “Last Mile City Logistics Congress” (10-11.03.2021), which will take place for the first time this year. It will focus on inspirations and solutions for strategies and operational business on the last logistics mile.

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