PHOBILITY ACTIVE aims to enable people with phobia, anxiety and/or obsessive-compulsive disorder or anxiety that develops due to depression to participate in social life on an equal footing and to maintain or regain their Active Mobility for as long as possible.

For this purpose, new and innovative developments in the field of Mental Health Mobile Apps are combined with approaches of cognitive behavioural therapy. The development of an app combined with a wearable (e.g. watch or bracelet) is the core of the project, which, if necessary, automatically or manually offers the affected person different ways of coping with anxiety and thus strengthens the self-efficacy of the user.

A multi-method, iterative approach is chosen for the development of the tool, in which the contents of the app are developed together with the people concerned. The UML Mobility Lab aspern.mobil LAB enables and ensures the involvement of users in the project.


Consortium leader & contact PHOBILITY ACTIVE project

MAKAM Research GmbH
Hietzinger Straße 34, 1130 Wien

Name: Mag. Ulli Röhsner
Tel: (+43 1) 877 22 52


Further information

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Presseaussendung PHOBILITY AKTIV Mai 2018

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Funding body

Funded as part of the “Mobility of the Future” programme by the Federal Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK).