Mobility Study – School trips in aspern Seestadt

School workshop – more than just getting to school!

Mobility study on how pupils in aspern Seestadt get to and from school: Two partners, one goal.

The Neighbourhood Management aspern Seestadt and the aspern.mobil LAB are combining their expertise – participation and mobility research. Within the framework of a mobility study, we will focus on analysing how children and adolescents get to and from school. The highlight: We are not on our own! Students from the Liselotte Hansen-Schmidt educational campus will be involved as experts.

© Luiza Puiu

About the partners

We, the aspern.mobil LAB, have been conducting the aspern Seestadt mobility survey for many years. Volunteers (people who live in Seestadt) collect their own mobility data and make it available for research. Once evaluated, we can then see, for instance, which routes are particularly popular in aspern Seestadt. The information collected ultimately forms the basis for the development of mobility innovations in aspern Seestadt.

The Neighbourhood Management aspern Seestadt promotes participation and co-design in the Seestadt. Participation opportunities range from the neighbourhood budget (where people realise their own ideas that promote togetherness in the district), to voluntary commitment in everyday life, to having a say in the design of public spaces. It is always important to offer different options so that the people of Seestadt can actively participate in shaping their district.

The mobility study is supported by the Seestadt Mobility Fund.