Climate-friendly and target group-suitable mobility services in the residential environment with transport bike

Angebotskomponenten von Transportrad-basierten neuen Mobilitätsdienstleistungen

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Transport bikes can be used in many ways as a climate-friendly means of transport and have the potential to replace car journeys. They are already established in big cities, but hardly in small towns and rural areas.

The HAUSRAD project aims to develop transport bike-based new mobility services. These could be, for example, new sharing services with new rental and pricing models. The new mobility services should be easy to integrate into everyday life and meet the needs of different target groups in small towns and rural areas. Therefore, we will collect the attitudes and needs of (potential) users by means of an Austria-wide representative survey and conduct interviews with people in small towns who already have experience with the use of transport bikes. In a next step, we will design new mobility services together with a group of residents from the pilot municipalities of Amstetten and St. Andrä/Wördern, which will subsequently be tested for their practical suitability and effects.

Finally, together with decision-makers, we will develop concepts on how the newly developed mobility services for the transport bike can be disseminated throughout Austria.

“We are pleased to contribute to the development of target group-specific and everyday transport bike-based NMDL with the Hausrad project. In the context of the cooperation with aspern.mobil LAB, we are looking forward to learning about and applying innovative techniques and tools for co-creation processes.” – Karin Ausserer

Planned cooperation with the aspern.mobil LAB

The focus of the planned cooperation is on the integration of the expertise and relevant tools of the AML in the context of the task “Preparation of the co-creation process” for the co-creative development of transport bike-based NMDLs with citizens. Furthermore, support is provided through the use of the public relations channels of the aspern.mobil LAB, access to the stakeholder network in aspern Seestadt and the (inter)national transfer of findings.


Name: Karin Ausserer, FACTUM
Phone: +43 676 407 09 02

Other project partners: apptec ventures – Factum, Energy Changes Projektentwicklung GmbH, quadratic GmbH, TU Wien – Research Unit Transportation System Planning, Verein IG Fahrrad – Die Radvokaten

Funding body

Funded within the framework of the FFG programme “Mobility of the Future” by the Federal Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK)

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