Focus group on mobility and climate change

For all those people who are interested in mobility, CO2 emissions, climate change and their own sphere of influence, there was an interesting event at the beginning of March: a focus group on the topics of mobility and climate change!
In this focus group we approached the topics of mobility and climate change based on a utopia: In the utopia, only 30% of households in Austria own a car, most mobility is done by public transport and ride services. Most people work from home and the living environment is organised in such a way that daily needs can be met on foot.
Then the participants were asked to assess the meaningfulness of this utopia, to discuss what needs to be changed in order to achieve this (or another utopia) and to master the mobility transformation. The discussion clearly showed that more awareness needs to be raised about the impact of climate change on people’s personal mobility. This applies to individuals as well as to politics and administration. Technologies and data can be used to achieve a more informed society and thus promote a change in thinking. According to the discussion participants, mobility apps can play a supporting role in this by, for example, presenting available data in a well-prepared way and thus making the implications of personal mobility more comprehensible.

The discussion took place on 4.3.2021 at 17:00 via ZOOM. In this focus group, we discussed issues related to personal mobility, future mobility options and their interaction with climate change. The focus group took place within the framework of our project “CO2 reduction through MaaS applications”, which we are conducting together with upstream mobility.

The focus group on “Mobility and Climate Change”


The aspern.mobil LAB thanks all participants of the focus group for an exciting exchange!