Evaluating and reflecting on experiments

Implementation recommendations from the experiments

Based on comprehensive documentation provided by the project management agencies and selective observations by the aspern.mobil LAB team during the experiments, you will receive recommendations for the implementation of your project. These include recommended follow-up steps regarding the current project and beyond (further funding, possible implementation partners, …).

Process evaluation

The aspern.mobil LAB conducts a formative evaluation of the entire innovation project or of sub-processes within it. For this purpose, sufficient lead time is required to prepare a well-founded and specific evaluation concept. A further prerequisite is a close willingness to cooperate with the project sponsors in the procurement of data and documents. The aspern.mobil LAB will provide you with regular feedback from the evaluation on the course of the process. 

Summative evaluation

Summative evaluation is particularly suitable for innovation projects that have made further progress in the innovation process. An assessment of the effects of the completed measure is made. Depending on the type of innovation project, figures on market potential, transfer to other regions and system effects can also be derived. Apart from monitoring, the aspern.mobil LAB carries out all steps of the evaluation itself.

Evaluation concept

Based on the available documents of the innovation project as well as a starting workshop, an evaluation concept is developed. Depending on requirements, this may include the conception of a summative evaluation and/or a process evaluation. Precise indicators, methods and target groups are defined within the feasible framework of the innovation project. In a final workshop, the evaluation concept is discussed with the partners responsible for implementation and handed over.