Demonstration of innovation

Implementation of a showcase in public space

Together with the project sponsors, aspern.mobil LAB selects a location in the public space of aspern Seestadt for the temporary implementation of an innovation. The “urban beaches” (defined areas in public space for flexible use) are particularly suitable for this purpose. Subsequently, aspern.mobil LAB coordinates all necessary approval steps and coordination processes with the relevant stakeholders (City of Vienna, Wien 3420 AG, …).

Organisation of stakeholder workshop

The aspern.mobil LAB handles the entire organisation of the stakeholder workshop and moderates the event. The project management organisation has to provide and present the required contents in a prepared form. Part of the service package is also the organisation of appropriate premises and the handling of registrations. Relevant (local) stakeholders are identified together with the project sponsors.

Support Portfolio

Based on a clear presentation of the current product portfolio of the project sponsors, the aspern.mobil LAB will make recommendations for further development and supplementation. The starting point for this is the overview of existing and still needed solutions provided by the multidisciplinary team (digitisation, mobility, architecture, media design, …).

Presentation of an innovation at an event in the aspern Seestadt

The aspern.mobil LAB supports the presentation of an innovation within the framework of other events in the Seestadt (e.g. street festival, flea market, farmers’ market, fair, …). Together, an exciting setting (parking space, presentation materials, …) is developed. The existing technical infrastructure of the aspern.mobil LAB can also be used for this purpose.