Basic services

LAB Consultation hours (max. 10h/project)

In addition to the agreed services, each embedded innovation project is provided with 10 hours of personal consultation on site in the aspern.mobil LAB or by telephone.

LAB Legal Consultation hours (max. 10h/project)

In the course of basic services, the Research Unit of Law (FOB Rechtswissenschaften) offers project partners the examination of legal issues that arise in the context of their innovation projects (e.g. during testing or implementation of innovative mobility solutions, legal problems in relation to the transformation to sustainable mobility). These include, for example, questions regarding the use of public space, requirements for permits, the lawfulness of experimental areas in public space, data protection law or liability law. The 10 hours include personal consultation as well as its preparation and follow-up.

Invitation of specific user groups from the LAB database

Relevant user groups for events organised by the project executing organisations can be identified and invited from the aspern.mobil LAB’s contact database. They can be selected, for example, with regard to their exact place of residence, participation in other projects or gender.

Use of the technical LAB infrastructure (only in combination with additional services)

A wide variety of technical infrastructures are available to the innovation projects (in combination with the use of an additional chargeable service) for conducting experiments. These cover the areas of human sensor technology, portable survey equipment, presentation and production as well as sensor technology and small electronic parts. A detailed list of the available equipment will be sent on request.

Use of public relations channels

The publicity channels of the aspern.mobil LAB can be used to advertise events and/or to announce project plans: These channels consist of a newsletter, Facebook account, Facebook profile (to post in relevant groups around Seestadt) and the website. Additionally, an Instagram and a Twitter channel are available. The digital reach of all these channels currently includes 3,000 people. Furthermore there have been very good experiences with analogue advertising on site, using posters and flyers.