The Sensorbox is a compact box equipped with sensors.

It is used to collect temperature and noise data combined with GPS coordinates and sends them to our DATAhub.

The device can be mounted in a variety of ways thanks to a flexible mounting system. Using an integrated rechargeable battery, the sensor box does not require a continuous power supply and has an operating time of approximately 7 days. You can pick up a Sensorbox at the aspern.mobil LAB and use for measuring data for a certain period of time. Contact us via e-mail or just come to the aspern.mobil LAB.

Installierte Sensorbox© aspern.mobil LAB

The box transmits the current temperature and the mean value of the noise level (average decibel) in its environment to our server every 20 minutes. We attach great importance to the protection of privacy when using this tool. The sensor box does not transmit any personal data and the built-in microphone is only used to record the noise level in decibels.

infografic showing functionality of the sensor box

© aspern.mobil LAB

The objective of the sensor box is to raise awareness among residents about the quality of their personal environment and thus, to trigger a reflection on their personal mobility behaviour. Due to the easy handling and the compact size, the boxes can be placed everywhere where such measurements are interesting. For example, the noise level at certain traffic areas can be measured or the heat development at popular public places, such as guest gardens, playgrounds, etc. The sensors of the box can be installed anywhere.

In case you want to build your own Sensorbox you need the following components:

More information for building your own Sensorbox is provided on our GitHub page.