ReNaMo – Law: Obstacle, Basis and Accelerator for Transformation Processes in Sustainable Mobility

ReNaMo is funded by the Austrian Climate and Energy Fund through the “Sustainable Mobility in Practice” programme. Being embedded in the aspern.mobil LAB, the project sets out to analyse the existing legal framework on the basis of innovative mobility case studies.

The project aims on the one hand to identify the legal barriers to a mobility transition, focusing in particular on the areas of shared mobility, pooling and micro-public transport systems. On the other hand, it will investigate whether the EU legal framework – created for the introduction of intelligent transport systems (“ITS”) and applicable to the MaaS platforms – enables these new platforms to succeed on the markets. Law can act as an accelerator of transformation processes; the use of innovative procurement can serve as starting points to investigate this potential.

„The cooperation with aspern.mobil LAB is a special opportunity for us to examine practical legal issues related to the transformation towards sustainable mobility. We are pleased to be part of the aspern.mobil LAB and it is our hope that our efforts will contribute to creating a good legal framework for the mobility transition.” – Dragana Damjanovic


Name: Dragana Damjanovic
Tel: 01 58801-280102

TU Wien, Institut für Raumplanung, Forschungsbereich Rechtswissenschaften

Funding body

climate- and energyfonds

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