Realizing experiments

Experiment on site (e.g. in public space)

The aspern.mobil LAB implements experiments on site. To this end, it offers methodological, organisational and analytical knowledge, which is then used to reflect on the results. Project promoters receive a well thought-out and detailed result with all aspects of the experiments carried out for further use in their projects.

Activation of relevant user groups

For the respective experiments, relevant user groups are actively invited to participate, depending on their presence in the aspern Seestadt. The following communication channels of the aspern.mobil LAB are used for this purpose: E-mail distribution list, Facebook, Twitter, personal contact in the district during the OPEN.mobil LAB opening hours.

Ad-hoc consulting during experiments

During the on-site execution of the experiments, a member of the aspern.mobil LAB staff is available by phone for ad-hoc queries. The necessary core availability times must be specified in advance.