Preparing experiments

Identification of scenarios and use cases

The aspern.mobil LAB identifies real or fictitious situations in which users are expected to solve carefully selected tasks. By observing and subsequently analysing the given situations, solutions can be shown, potential problems identified or ideas provoked. From this, use cases are extracted, which can be dealt with centrally in further design steps.

Provision and guidance on technical infrastructure

The aspern.mobil LAB has a broad technical infrastructure, which we also make available to project sponsors. Our team will provide you with technical and methodological training on the equipment provided. Optionally, technical support in the use of the devices can also be provided in the joint work with users or in the test procedures.

Profound legal advice

The Research Unit of Law (FOB Rechtswissenschaften) functions as a legal “think tank” of the aspern.mobil LAB. It is the contact point for legal questions of the project partners during the practical implementation of innovation projects and systematically analyzes legal problems related to the transformation to sustainable mobility. The in-depth consultation includes legal support for the project partners in the practical implementation of their innovation projects. If necessary, questions from other legal areas are also analyzed, such as the protection of intellectual property of innovative developments, the design of innovative procurements or the implementation of experimental spaces.

Development and coordination of the experiment

Experiments enable the testing of innovative ideas on both clearly defined and diffuse issues. They can take place in protected lab environments or directly in reality. The aspern.mobil LAB designs these experiments and prepares them for implementation.

Knowledge base on methods and innovation corridors

The ongoing development of methods in the aspern.mobil LAB has resulted in a large knowledge base of innovative methods in the fields of design thinking, mobility research and citizen participation. The project management agencies are advised specifically on the methods applied in the innovation project and provided with relevant knowledge modules from the state-of-the-art knowledge base.