Mood barometer

Mood barometer_Lab session KoopHubs, © aspern.mobil LAB | Wagner

The simple voting tool titled “Mobility-Mood” is used in different ways at pop-up labs in public spaces, on cargo bikes, with OPEN.mobil LAB visitors or in lab hours and workshops with focus groups to visualise and jointly reflect on the mood of a temporary community – both, anonymously and / or including stories of experience.

As a mobile research tool, the aspern.mobil LAB’s mood barometer is intended to serve as imitable inspiration in the open source spirit and as a quick introduction tool, for a proper round of introductions or mobility queries. The immanent representation of the collective mood helps. Depending on the complexity of the question, a further graphical presentation as a diagram is possible, showing e.g. mobility types according to choice of means of transport, season, event and connection to the seaside city, mood curves on the satisfaction of existing offers or prioritisations.

The activating Do it Yourself (DIY) research tool consists of e.g. recycled plastic bottles or plastic cups and wooden balls of different colours available in supermarkets. These are thrown in according to the question and answer or also visibly strung on strings. The number of transparent containers and colours of the small objects of similar size can be quickly adapted according to the question or discussion topic and setting, transferred to a prefabricated form and displayed as a diagram.
In a further development step, the analogue mood barometer will directly record and visually translate the data in real-time processing via motion and pressure sensors locally or via web application.
The use of this aspern.mobil LAB research tool will not only generate real-time feedback on specific questions, but also collect knowledge about the research community. The data acquired from the mood barometer is thus suitable for internal reflection and evaluation on formats, participation, locations and temporalities of the work in the Urban Mobility Lab.

Mood barometer of different formats divided by participants and mobility behaviour,, © aspern.mobil LAB | Wagner