Mobility stories

©Ryoji Iwata

The aspern.mobil LAB invites interested people – preferably people who live or work in aspern Seestadt – to give us an insight into their very personal mobility history and development within the framework of biographical interviews.
We accompany our participants through their everyday mobility life for three years. For this purpose, the mobility history of the person is assessed in a first interview at the beginning of this process and continuously updated in the following years through further interviews. In between, we repeatedly invite the participants to activities in the aspern.mobil LAB and thus set impulses that may have an impact on their mobility behaviour. Through long-term monitoring, it is possible to identify how mobility behaviour changes and what effects the set impulses have. This monitoring enables the creation of “long-term personae”, i.e. archetypal users, which can be used for further planning and development of mobility solutions and passed on to other urban districts and regions.


Name: Marcel Peralt-Bonell