Mobile exhibition in aspern Seestadt!

Uni in the Seestadt – end of the semester

On Wednesday, 28.06.2023 at 17:00, we and our students would like to take you on a mobile exhibition through Seestadt and invite you to try out the results of our student projects as part of the walk.

Come along and take a look at the diverse work of the students! The ideas range from the realisation of an augmented reality supported card game on urban planning to a puzzle rally to explore the Seestadt and the teaching of gardening knowledge to schoolchildren.



We will start at 5 p.m. in front of the aspern.mobil LAB and visit three stations in the Seestadt, where prototypical results of the projects will be presented, tested and discussed. Around 7:00 p.m. there will be a cosy wrap-up at the aspern.mobil LAB.



Students of the course “Design Thinking” present their prototypes from three different projects. In addition to the presentations, there is also the opportunity to try out the solutions on site and give the students feedback on their work. If you are not able to visit all the stations together with us, there is of course also the possibility to join in crosswise.



17:00: start of the mobile exhibition at aspern.mobil LAB (Sonnenallee 35)

17:15: presentation of the project “Plan(See)Stadt” in front of the aspern.mobil LAB

17:45: presentation of the project “Upgarden” at the Hannah-Ahrendt-Park

18:15: presentation of the project “Seestadt Stories” at the Wangari-Maathai-Platz

From approx. 18:45: end of the event at aspern.mobil LAB (Sonnenallee 35)

In case of bad weather, the event will take place in the premises of aspern.mobil LAB at Sonnenallee 35.


Brief description of the projects


With Upgarden, the interactive garden box, we aim to familiarise pupils in the Seestadt with gardening in a playful way and to promote the longer-term acquisition of knowledge about plants. The system consists of a wooden plant box and contains real plants, such as tomatoes, chilli bushes and aloe vera, as well as soil. Each of these plants is complemented by an “artificial” plant, which resembles a real plant in its visual appearance with a wooden leaf and a bamboo stem, and is equipped with touch, light, humidity sensors and eight LED lights. Furthermore, a common temperature sensor is attached to the box. The materials were deliberately chosen to comply with our sustainability concept.

Seestadt Stories

The Seestadt Stories project is a playful way to discover the Seestadt. Participants receive a suitcase containing tools for solving tasks, the results of which determine the further course of the story or the path through the Seestadt.


Our goal is to develop a design game that is enhanced by an augmented reality prototype. In the course of this game, the players have the task of planning a city district together. This process should not only draw attention to the difficulties and challenges of urban planning, but also serve to collect data (decisions, discussions, ideas, …). The playing cards can be placed anywhere on the playing surface, because no playing field is necessary, as the planning of the city starts from zero. At the beginning, each player is assigned a role that represents the different needs of the district to be built. In order to design this city district, all players in turn may place building cards, i.e. build their desired buildings. However, each turn must be voted on democratically, which requires skilful negotiation, persuasion and planning ahead.