The aspern.mobil LAB

The aspern.mobil LAB creates a space for innovation in the aspern Seestadt, where science, administration and companies, together with residents, contribute to the development of sustainable urban mobility.

The aspern.mobil LAB aims to establish and support a new culture of mobility and innovation in this extraordinary development area. Lakeside townspeople, local stakeholders, politicians and actors from research, development and business think, develop and act here on an equal footing. Innovative mobility solutions focus on active mobility, shared mobility as a service, first/last mile logistics and the investigation of their spatial, economic, ecological and social benefit.

An interdisciplinary team of the Technical University of Vienna with spatial and traffic planning, computer science, sociology, architecture, design and impact research in partnership with the development company Wien 3420 AG, the district management Seestadt aspern and Upstream, a company of the Wiener Stadtwerke. Our active network of the research community includes institutions and actors from science and research, city administration, economy, users and local experts.

The aspern.mobil LAB sees itself as an infrastructure for research and development and is one of five Urban Mobility Laboratories in Austria, funded by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology as part of the Mobility of the Future program.