Developing and testing idea concepts

Cultural Probe

Through Cultural Probes project promoters gain a qualitative access to their target group. For this purpose, they receive specially designed materials, such as plans, postcards, objects etc., which not only enable them to investigate, but also provide inspiration and elicit creative reactions from the users. The analysed results provide design materials for the further design process.

Design workshops

Design workshops serve the joint development of new ideas, the refinement of existing ideas, products or services. In addition to methodological and technical expertise, this requires tools and materials that enable creativity and discussion and are made available by aspern.mobil LAB. Following a discussion with the project sponsors, we prepare and accompany design workshops. Subsequently, you will receive the analysis and documentation of the results.

Provocative props

With provocative props a design idea can be creatively represented, playfully worked on, questioned, experienced and discussed in context.  Provocative props inspire the design and enable a critical examination of ambiguities and ambiguities of a design idea. The aspern.mobil LAB develops and executes provocative props before the results are analysed in the context of situations in possible contexts.