Exploring ideas

Catalogue of challenges

For the duration of the innovation project, the project sponsors will have access to our collection of current challenges in Seestadt on the topic of mobility. The catalogue also includes related aspects such as public spaces or electricity production and supply.

Ideas competition

An ideas competition offers the possibility to get ideas and solutions to the questions of the promoters from a broad base. The aspern.mobil LAB takes care of the planning and implementation of the (partially) public ideas competition. The winning projects are selected by a jury of experts, consisting of experts, local actors, residents, etc., as desired. The aspern.mobil LAB will moderate the meeting for selecting the winning projects. The project management organisation has to provide either implementation funding or prize money.

Hackathon with students

During the hackathon, students develop first prototypical solutions for a concrete problem or question within 1-2 days, which is specified by the project management. For this purpose, aspern.mobil LAB organises the hackathon with master students of the fields of study “Spatial Planning and Regional Development” and “Media Informatics”. The results are presented at a final event and the winners are honoured. The concepts of the winning projects are to be paid for by the project sponsors either financially or in the form of employment.

Ideation Workshop

Ideation Workshops generate new ideas or develop existing ideas in a heterogeneous team. After a briefing with the project sponsor on the selection of participants, date and location of the process, acquisition and provision of the necessary materials and equipment for documentation, the aspern.mobil LAB will take over the preparation and implementation of the workshop. Following the workshop, the project sponsors will receive the documentation and the analysis of the results.