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The aspern.mobil LAB creates a space where residents, researchers, municipalities and companies can collectively contribute to the development of new, urban mobility in Seestadt Aspern.

aspern.mobil LAB aims to locally establish and support a new culture of mobility and innovation that can become a local flagship project for Austria as a location for innovation. Mobility and innovation culture should be carried by the community emerging around aspern.mobili LAB. The people of Seestadt, R & D actors and local stakeholders think, develop and act on an equal level.

The aspern.mobil LAB serves as an infrastructure for research and development. As part of the Mobility of the Future program, it is one of 5 urban mobility laboratories in Austria, funded by the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology.

The core areas of innovative mobility solutions include active mobility, shared mobility as a service, as well as first/last-mile logistics and the analysis of their spatial, economic, ecological and social added value.

An interdisciplinary team of the Vienna University of Technology with spatial and transportation planning, informatics, sociology, architecture, design and impact research in partnership with the development company wien3420, the Neighbourhood Management Office, Büro Jauschneg and Upstream, a company of Wiener Stadtwerke.

Our active research community includes institutions and stakeholders from science and research, city administration, business, users and local experts.

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The aspern.mobil LAB sees residents, employees and visitors of Seestadt as local experts who develop, test, evaluate and implement innovative mobility solutions, research questions, services or products in various projects and partnerships.

During the iterative process loops of understanding, implementing and sharing, the continuous and transparent negotiation of legal and organizational mechanisms and the development of knowledge for all participants play a dominant role.

For example:

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Our daily routines as city dwellers, our errands, goods and means of transport have specific impacts on the quality of our common living space.

Social and technical innovations offer the opportunity to advance sustainable urban mobility and to adapt it to different needs.

In the aspern.mobil LAB, the complex research field of mobility is processed in thematic packages and serves the awareness and the development of sustainable, urban mobility, adapted to the diverse demands of the participants.

The individual is in the core element, his/her actions with others and with the environment, promoting a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Projects and research proposals can be initiated bottom-up as well as top-down and benefit from direct user feedback. The participating residents test innovative technologies, develop new skills and also receive adequate compensation depending on the effort.

Will there soon be any private cars left? Does Seestadt change our mobility behavior by providing cargo bikes, delivery systems, bicycle infrastructure and the mobility fund?

Which technologies will prevail and are they ecologically and socially compatible? How can joint research and development processes positively influence our living environment?

Interested in contributing to new mobility?

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4 days ago

aspern mobil LAB

Im #OPENmobilLAB sowie im Stadtteil aspern Die Seestadt Wiens wurde die Diskussion rund um das Thema NutzerInneneinbindung und Communityaufbau mit der SNCF Réseau Delegation weitergeführt 👍Eine Delegation der SNCF Réseau besuchte uns heute Vormittag im thinkport VIENNA! 🙂
Nach der Präsentation der Struktur und der Projekte von thinkport VIENNA (von Martin Posset) hatte auch das Startup Nekonata die Möglichkeit den VertreterInnen von SNCF Réseau ihre neusten Entwicklungen zu präsentieren. Der zweite Stopp führte die Delegation in die Seestadt Aspern zu unseren KollegInnen von aspern mobil LAB 🙂 Ziel der Studienreise (veranstaltet von Quartier Libre) ist es, den VertreterInnen neue Perspektiven auf Service- und Kundenkultur zu geben und dabei mit inspirierenden Unternehmen und Persönlichkeiten aus Wien, Kopenhagen und Hamburg in Kontakt zu kommen.
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Im #OPENmobilLAB sowie im Stadtteil aspern Die Seestadt Wiens wurde die Diskussion rund um das Thema NutzerInneneinbindung und Communityaufbau mit der SNCF Réseau Delegation weitergeführt 👍Image attachmentImage attachment