CO2 reduction through MaaS applications

In the framework of the “CO2 accompanying study” project, an investigation is being carried out into which digital journey planner systems or MaaS applications generally make a contribution to CO2 reduction. The basis for this is provided by the products developed and operated by Upstream Mobility: Apps such as CityMobil (e.g. WienMobil, GrazMobil), easymobil and TIM are evaluated with regard to their potential in reducing CO2 emissions. The evaluation will be carried out within the framework of an accompanying study in cooperation with the TU Wien and the aspern.mobil Lab.

For the chosen approach, user studies and surveys will be conducted. The focus is on achieving possible changes in behaviour. Furthermore, various analyses and evaluations based on the platform data of Upstream Mobility will be carried out and checked. Indicators for awareness raising regarding CO2 reduction will be identified and guidelines for integration in MaaS applications will be developed.

Funding body

The study is carried out on behalf of Upstream Mobility.