Development of a reactive booking and tariff system for freefloating mobility sharing services

Sharing models are one of the central mobility trends of the 21st century. Especially innovative mobility sharing concepts can noticeably reduce inner-city traffic and the associated climate and environmental pollution. Free-floating systems – vehicles without fixed stations – offer good starting points, especially in connection with electromobility.

The aim of the project is therefore to improve the utilisation of free-floating mobility sharing services and to optimise the usability of the booking systems – tested with the help of the start-up goUrban, which provides e-mopeds in the Vienna city area. For this purpose, a concept for an innovative reactive booking and tariff system is being developed in a multi-stage, user-centred process based on tests in laboratory settings, semi-laboratories and a real experiment. In connection with this, target group-specific incentives based on the “nudge approach” will also be designed.

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Name: Vanessa Sodl
Tel: (+43 1) 58801-280517

TU Wien
Institute of Spatial Planning
Research Unit MOVE


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Funded as part of the “Mobility of the Future” programme by the Federal Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK).