aspern.mobil LAB originates from the research context of living labs that can be described as innovative tools for stimulating technological, social and organizational innovations. They form a basic structure arising from the “open innovation” approach.

In specific aspern.mobil LAB is a Neighborhood Mobility Lab, where shifting mobility and sustainability are core objectives. We consider new urban mobility in the form of a living lab together with the local people of aspern Seestadt. That’s what makes aspern.mobil LAB a special type of living lab. The goal is not only to collect and enhance various ideas but also to develop and test mobility solutions quickly and efficiently in a real environment with the early involvement of all necessary stakeholders and citizens (bmvit 2014: 10). aspern.mobil LAB refers to a clear spatial reference: aspern Seestadt with its future approximately 25,000 residents and comparable work force.


Successful mobility innovations and the shift in mobility behavior start with understanding the diverse mobility demands of different people. Understanding is the foundation that underlies all pursued services of the mobility lab. Establishing a community around the mobility lab enables the integration in Seestadt and its everyday life. In order to succeed, transparent legal and organizational mechanisms with clear roles and responsibilities for all parties are crucial.


For anyone working on realizing sustainable urban mobility, aspern.mobil Lab provides the ideal environment to enrich mobility innovations through enabling valuable co-creation and offering connection opportunities for cooperations. As a result of the “Understanding” process, the established community and the gathered information support the process of „Implementing“, where (aspects of) mobility innovations are further developed in a lab or in the field . The LAB provides the suitable environment to implement co-creative innovation services in every phase of the creation process: from idea to launch; from tests in public space under real conditions to investigating effects of prototypes.


Based on experience with a variety of technologies, services and apps aspern.mobil LAB can fill the gap between administrations and innovators, especially startups. When implementing new mobility services in the quarter, a high amount of funding is usually needed; an investment that must be ensured. By acquiring expertise, the mobility lab helps administrations and startups to successfully realize mobility services on a quarter or district level.


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