MyFairShare is a European research project with partners from five countries focusing on the improvement of accessibility.

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Project description

MyFairShare investigates and evaluates the quality of accessibility in the everyday mobility of different groups of people. Sustainable mobility does not only require transport users to switch to more sustainable modes of transport, but everyday activities such as working, shopping, recreation etc. have to become more accessible for people. This is why people from different areas of life and settlement structures in the participating countries are actively involved in the research activities in so-called Living Labs. With the support of the research team through information and feedback, the participants can observe their own behaviour and evaluate how well which activities are accessible to them and which disadvantages they experience. The insights and suggestions for improvement developed jointly in this way are incorporated into the project results and recommendations that will be available to cities in the future to reduce and avoid disadvantages of groups in the transformation to sustainable transport.

“The cooperation with the aspern.mobil LAB offers the MyFairShare project the chance to work with test persons who are interested in their own mobility behaviour and want to understand it better. The Vienna Living Lab has a special role within the MyFairShare project due to its location aspern Seestadt as a new urban development area and test persons with high mobility demand.– Alexandra Millonig (principle scientist and MyFairShare project lead)


Information for self-registration

If you would like to register directly for participation in the mobility survey, you will find the relevant registration forms and three steps for participation listed below:

  1. Register via the registration form
  2. Fill in the questionnaire
  3. Download the smartphone application and start recording:


Planned cooperation with the aspern.mobil LAB

The AML supports the research project MyFairShare within the Living Lab in Vienna. Within the ongoing mobility survey (Mobility Panel) of the AML, a specifically activated group of test persons participates in a dedicated mobility survey of the MyFairShare project. The topic for that survey is individual mobility budgets.

The collaboration with AML allows the project to directly involve people from different living situations in aspern Seestadt and to incorporate their everyday experiences into the findings. This enables people to play an extremely important role in the project as experts on their everyday mobility in the Seestadt, not only by sharing their experiences, but also by contributing their own creative ideas for solutions.



Name: Florian Lorenz
Further information and other participating institutions: project website MyFairShare | AIT – Austrian Institute of Technology; Florian Lorenz – Public-Relations Consultant; BOKU – University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences


Funding body

MyFairShare is a JPI Urban Europe project funded by the ERA-NET Cofund Urban Accessibility and Connectivity (ENUAC). The ERA-NET Cofund Urban Accessibility and Connectivity (ENUAC) aims to develop and test new solutions and approaches for sustainable urban mobility. MyFairShare is one of 15 projects selected as part of the ENUAC call.

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