Action research on child mobility

Ministudy Action Research – Seestadt Mobility through the eyes of a child

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About the project

Seestadt offers particularly good conditions for active forms of mobility, both due to the design of the public space and the semi-public open spaces as well as the complementary mobility offers. Within the framework of a participatory mini-study, the qualities and potentials are to be understood more precisely from the children’s point of view. Together with the Neighbourhood Management and children of elementary school age, research will be conducted on where and how they (independently) travel, what they like, what they avoid and what would support them to travel more, better, safer and more independently. The focus is on mobility around the school day and subsequent leisure time. From this, the positive effects and the model character of the Seestadt with regard to children’s mobility are worked out and fields of action are derived, how and by what children’s mobility can be better supported in the future.

“Research on children’s mobility is important for future urban developments as it provides insights into children’s transport needs and requirements. As a result, urban spaces can be made more child-friendly, which helps children to be more active, independent and feel safer.– Lukas Knott, project team


Planned cooperation with the aspern.mobil LAB

Depending on the knowledge acquired, the mini-study will lead to different follow-up activities (e.g. idea competitions, …). The knowledge generated will also be incorporated into the AML structural services and can be used to support future innovation projects.



Name: Magdalena Bürbaumer
Phone: +43 1 58801 280519
Further information as well as other participating institutions: Caritas Neighbourhood Management Seestadt aspern 


Funding body

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