Why research, participate and collaborate?

Our daily routines as city dwellers, our errands, goods and means of transport have specific impacts on the quality of our common living space.

Social and technical innovations offer the opportunity to advance sustainable urban mobility and to adapt it to different needs.

In the aspern.mobil LAB, the complex research field of mobility is processed in thematic packages and serves the awareness and the development of sustainable, urban mobility, adapted to the diverse demands of the participants.

The individual is in the core element, his/her actions with others and with the environment, promoting a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Projects and research proposals can be initiated bottom-up as well as top-down and benefit from direct user feedback. The participating residents test innovative technologies, develop new skills and also receive adequate compensation depending on the effort.

Will there soon be any private cars left? Does Seestadt change our mobility behavior by providing cargo bikes, delivery systems, bicycle infrastructure and the mobility fund?

Which technologies will prevail and are they ecologically and socially compatible? How can joint research and development processes positively influence our living environment?

Interested in contributing to new mobility?