Lottery – Mobility Survey aspern Seestadt

We would like to thank all participants of the mobility survey aspern Seestadt over the last 12 months and are giving away three great prizes as well as a few additional small goodies!

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The main prizes:

  • ÖTicket voucher (100 €):With the voucher you can decide for yourself which event you will visit in the near future! Have fun watching, listening, singing, dancing, etc.!
  • Bundesmuseencard: The card entitles you to one visit to each of 8 federal museums groups for one year from the date of purchase. Have fun exploring the various exhibitions and works of art!
  • ENGLISH CINEMA HAYDN cinema voucher (50 €): Either enjoy one or more “normal” cinema visits – or use the voucher to attend one of the special screenings (Sing-Along, Theatre, …)! In this case, don’t forget to reserve the ticket(s) as soon as possible!


Conditions of participation:

  • Complete participation in the mobility survey in the period 01.08.2022 to 31.07.2023
  • Consent to participation in the prize draw
  • Each participant can only take part in the raffle once. Participating again in the survey does not increase the chances of winning!


About the mobility survey aspern Seestadt

A long-term mobility survey, a so-called “panel”, is currently being carried out in aspern Seestadt. The purpose of this mobility survey is to measure the mobility behaviour of Seestadt’s residents. The study is carried out with the help of a smartphone application and can provide scientifically sound answers to the following questions:

  • For example, how many times a week do Seestadt’s residents travel by bicycle and how often by car?
  • How many journeys per day do Seestadt’s inhabitants make on average?
  • How long do they need for these journeys?

The knowledge gained about the mobility behaviour of Seestadt’s inhabitants enables better planning of mobility offers as well as a discourse about the existing transport system. The data collected forms a basis for the development of new innovative mobility solutions, as well as for mobility research, as is already taking place in the aspern.mobil LAB.


You haven’t participated yet? Then take advantage of the remaining weeks of July, register online and win one of the three main prizes! The winners will be notified by e-mail.